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A Temple “intra muros” in Doliche?

Over sticks and stones

A small video documentation of this year’s campaign While this year’s campaign, admittedly, fell a bit short regarding the posts here on our blog, we were hard-pressed due to time constraints and other problems. Luckily, we were joined for a week by a colleague from Münster University, with the aim of documenting our work for…

Oh, Temple of the hill, what is your wisdom?

Building archaeology accompanying the 2022 campaign As you could already read about in another post, the focus while excavating this year lies on a roman imperial temple, found in the ancient city centre. While the archaeologists get down and dirty in the trenches, focusing on digging up, documenting, and interpreting all the layers on top…

(No) Fear and Loathing in Antioch

For our third weekend of this year’s campaign, we planned an overnight trip to Antakya from the 10th to the 11th of September. Antakya presented itself as a compelling destination for the modern city is partially located on the site of the ancient city of Antioch ad Orontes. The Hellenistic city of Antioch, having been…

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