Of Sieves and Sealings

One of our current side projects is sieving a lot of soil left over from the campaign last year. In this soil we expect to have a load of small sealing imprints, left over from the ancient city archive of Doliche. Already before the excavations conducted by our team, Doliche was known for the amountContinue reading “Of Sieves and Sealings”

From Field to Trench

In order to show you how excavations work exactly, we decided to give you an example by case. Because the 2020 campaign just started, this year’s trenches aren’t nearly ready to show the process of excavation from start to finish. Therefore, we decided to show you trench 02 of the 2018 campaign. Trench 02 isContinue reading “From Field to Trench”

The two hills of Doliche

The name Dülük derives from the ancient Doliche which was the name for a city situated right next to the modern village on a small hill. That hill, the Keber Tepe, is one of our ongoing excavation projects. Here the ancient Roman city was abandoned and never built over, as the hill had been usedContinue reading “The two hills of Doliche”