The Doliche Excavation IV

The Fieldwork strikes back!

After a late arrival in Doliche this year due to a postponement of a couple of weeks, our yearly excavation in Gaziantep is a go! And with this late start everybody is even more keen to get their hands dirty and continue our work within the ancient city of Doliche. With some fresh faces in the team and the old gang back together, we are steaming full force ahead to uncover the secrets of the Keber Tepe. And this means, of course, that we will start to ramp up our blog once again to bring you the hottest and freshest takes straight from the trenches!

This year’s focus lies specifically on the monumental temple structure we have first uncovered last year. The monumental temple lies on the eastern flank of the Keber Tepe, where the hill stretches out to allow for the construction of monumental structures and the ancient city centre of the roman and hellenistic city. A bit more to the east lies the roman bath and archive buildings, which underlines the importance of this area to the overall structure of the city.

We will extend the trenches we dug last year and try to expose key features for dating, determination and identification of the temple and its deity. Field 414 will be our main excavation area, while the terrace church and the bath field will be put to the side for the time being. We hope to provide you with exciting news soonTM and will be hard at work in the meantime.

by Fynn Riepe

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