Preparing for the Next Venture

At the moment, everybody working within the Forschungsstelle here in Münster is buzzing with excitement, for this year’s campaign in Turkey is right around the bend! Currently, we are all hard at work preparing for the campaign, which means getting work visas, figuring out flights and packing our bags. Furthermore, a lot of organizational stuff has to be done by the time we leave for Turkey.

One of those things includes figuring out if our van-team can actually accomplish the 3,500 km journey to Dülük this year. Last year, of course, we couldn’t drive because all of Europe was in Lockdown at the time of our campaign. With most countries still having all kinds of border regulations due to Covid-19, we are hopeful but still not sure if we can actually bring the van this year either. One – very much celebrated – development made since last year’s campaign is of course the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, and our team has been vaccinated almost entirely.

Surely, however, you are much more concerned with what’s happening on here? What can you expect from the blog during this year’s 2021 campaign? Of course, we will be bringing you insider information from the field as well as trip reports etc. All the goodies you came to expect from last year’s campaign. As we are starting our campaign at the end of this month, we will ramp up our activity and post frequency on this site. In the meantime, you can recap on all the posts of last year’s campaign, or check out where we left of here.

As our team is way bigger this year than last year, we are also happy to be working on multiple fields again! Next to the fields 111 and 112 where the late antique basilica is located, we will continue work on the Roman era bath building on field 415 on the other side of the Keber Tepe, as well as starting work in a whole new area with field 414! Much will be happening this year, and we will take you with us during our time in the field. See you in Turkey !

by Fynn Riepe

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