Small Changes and Future Steps

We hope all of you had an easy transition and a good start into 2021 so far. Covid-19 is of course an ongoing situation still, but here goes hoping that we can handle the situation better in 2021.

With a new year, new adventures await. That means for us, of course, a new season of excavation in Doliche is coming up. We are excited as always and can’t wait to get back into the field! In the meantime however we have to prepare the excavation and reflect on the work we did in 2020. The campaign is still far away and our team is hard at work in their respective areas, as well as mastering the daily routines of an online semester. Be it as students or as teachers.

Over the Holidays and early January I’ve made a couple of adjustments to the Blog layout as well. I included an Archive tab where you can find all of our Posts, neatly packed into different categories for an easier access to older posts. Furthermore, the Diaries page is now a bit shuffled with room for a sticky post. We will keep you updated of course, on our progress towards the next campaign and also report on other events in the meantime!

In that regard the whole Forschungsstelle Asia Minor wishes you to stay safe, healthy and a successful new year in whatever you are doing!

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