Excavations and Covid-19

During a time of a global pandemic like this, it is of course important to make sure that the health and well-being of everybody involved is not endangered. Therefore, we made preparations and plans even before the excavation began.

While masks and gloves have been organized, the whole excavation house was also fitted with disinfection spenders. Furthermore, we made sure to order a couple of thermometer “guns” to check the body temperature of our team twice a day, before and after work.

We decided to enforce compulsory masks during our stay here in Doliche. This includes everywhere in the house as well as during fieldwork. The only place where we allow to not wear a mask is during lunch- and dinnertime and outside on our roof terrace where we can assure a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Even while we are forced to alter the usually very communal and approach within our team, people are getting used to the new situation and challenges. All the while we make sure to not lose the fun and keep the spirits that accompany a “normal” excavation.

Nevertheless, our efforts here in Turkey as much as at home are a team-based effort, and we need to make sure that the health of everybody involved is paramount. So in that sense we hope for an exciting and rewarding campaign this year, even if the circumstances are difficult.

Of course, we also wish that we can relay this experience to you in the coming weeks and most of all:


by Fynn Riepe

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